Submission Guidelines

What can I submit?

Individual blog posts from writing/publishing-related blogs

DO submit:

DON'T submit:

How do I submit?

  1. Enter the title of the post or article
  2. Enter the URL of that specific blog post (NOT the URL of the homepage)
  3. Write a short teaser paragraph (a descriptive summary, or an excerpt) for the post.
  4. Assign categories and tags; specify if this post pertains to a genre.
  5. Tell us if the post was written by you, or if you are submitting another blogger's post.
  6. Submit and wait for inkPageant to do their moderating magic.

What will inkPageant publish?

inkPageant exists to provide helpful and meaningful posts for those who are interested in writing, blogging, and publishing. We love posts that are relevant, interesting, professional, and helpful. If your posts are on-topic and informative, we want to display them in front of our audience.

Content is king, but we prefer that both your profile image and your blog have a professional appearance as well. We know the power and importance of first impressions, so we want to present you in the best light possible. This includes proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar, in both the original blog post and the teaser paragraph. Of course, you won't have a problem with that, but we have to say it for all those other people who forget to proofread.

What will inkPageant politely decline?

We can't accept off-topic or unhelpful blog posts. Yes, your kids are cute, your last RPG night was epic, and that picture of you with Neil Gaiman is awe-inspiring—to you. But if your post would hurt your platform or turn writers/agents/editors away, you might want to think twice about submitting it.

We prefer not to publish posts from blogs that have an unprofessional appearance. This includes overuse of punctuation, walls of text, illegible text, and disorganized templates.

One of the fastest ways to get a rejection is to include off-topic rants, profanity, porn, erotica, obscenity (or otherwise offensive), vulgar, derogatory, troll-ish, or inflammatory material. Did we leave out any synonyms? Basically, be nice and respectful.

If your post is declined, please don't take it personally. We choose the posts we feel will best help our readers. A declined post is simply an invitation to submit your best.